††††††††† PR is based on game percentages.My game %ís, even with the same partner, are all over the place.Does that mean that my skill level varies widely from day to day?No.


††††††††† I admit that Power Ratings has a margin of error.A playerís rank may or may not be exact, but it is close.I print these charts because people want to see them and they are fun to look at.


††††††††† The real value of Power Ratings is that it can find the Young Hot Shot pairs and teams in the Masterpoint rating system as well as the Seasoned Veteran pairs and teams.Power Ratings can put these pairs and teams into brackets/strats/flights where they are competing against other pairs and teams of similar skill levels.


Testing Power Ratings


††††††††† I believe that brackets/strats/flights were created so that no pair or team had a good chance of winning, but every pair or team had a reasonable chance of winning their bracket/strat/flight.