I will give the Power Ratings program code to the ACBL.  The ACBL has tournament game files that I have used for over ten years.  I can no longer have them.  I give the ACBL permission to run Power Ratings from now on.


      The ACBL has access to the Power Ratings database as of the last update and the Power Ratings program code.  It is in a dropbox folder.


      Some players have indicated that Power Ratings has value even without tournament games.  I am making this dropbox folder available to everyone as well as any club game files I am allowed to have.


You can run with just your own club or clubs in your area.  Send me an email and I will invite you to share this dropbox folder.  You will be able to put the Power Ratings website on your computer.  If you would like to update the internet on bridgepowerratings.com, you can talk to Mike Hines.