KO teams most underrated in the Master Point system

These teams have played at least 12 KO matches during the past 24 months. Each team member has either a Power Rating or a Pair Rating and his partner in the Pair Rating is also a member of this team. Underrate(UR) is your team's Power Rating less the Power Rating equivalent of your team's Master Points. To find this equivalent, consult the Master Point to Power Rating conversion chart. Find your Master Points in the left column. Your Master Points are converted into Power Ratings in the right column. Since we are more familar with Master Points, the results are presented in terms of Master Points. (PR/MP's) is the team's Power Rating converted to Master Points.

Most underrated KO teams
Rank UR PR/MP's MP's AvePR Matches WL% Events Wins Name
1 5.91 18454 3443 57.02 13 73.08 4 1 ELLWANGER, C - FRASER, Robert - TRAUTMANN, Tom - SACHEE, Quresh
2 2.32 7945 4188 53.66 31 62.90 12 2 RUSSELL, Karima - DYER, Sarah - DYER, Everett - RICE, Ella

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