Unit 149 Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Clubs and Sectionals

MA4Appleton Sectional MBFBridge For Fun MDBDianes Bridge
MDRDoor County Bridge Club ME5Eau Claire Sectional MF4Fitchburg Sectional
MG4Green Bay Sectional MH4Hayward Sectional MJYJayne's Bridge Club
ML4La Crosse Sectional MLCLa Crosse DBC MM5Madison Sectional
MM6Marquette Sectional MM7Minocqua Sectional MM8Monona Sectional
MMDBridge Club of Madison MMGMorgan Bridge MMMMonona Monday Morning
MR5Ripon Sectional MRDRed Ceder DBC MRVRiverside DBC
MSLSuperiorland DBC MSPStevens Point Bridge Club MT4Three Lakes Sectional
MW4Woodruff Sectional