Players most underrated in the Masterpoint system

Defination of underrate Underrate(UR) is your Power Rating less the Power Rating equivalent of your Masterpoints. To find this equivalent, consult the Master Point to Power Rating conversion chart. Find your Masterpoints in the left column. Your Masterpoints are converted into Power Ratings in the right column. Since we are more familar with Masterpoints, the results are presented in terms of Masterpoints. (PR/MP's) is your Power Rating converted to Masterpoints.

Most underrated players
Rank UR PR/MP's MP's PR Name Rank UR PR/MP's MP's PR Name Rank UR PR/MP's MP's PR Name
1 4.26 6408 2268 58.37 Walker, Page 3 1.04 4062 3167 56.45 Tokarz, Joan 5 1.03 3988 3104 56.36 Schleicher, Jeanne
2 1.62 6522 4383 58.44 Van Arsdale, Marilee 4 1.03 1065 730 51.76 Brown, Edith Joy       

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