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This is a list of Active Players for this unit. An Active Player is one who has played at least one game, at a club that Power Ratings has access to from Live for Clubs , during the past 24 months.

Alphabetical order

Riverside Lifetime Masterpoints
Rank MP's Name Rank MP's Name Rank MP's Name
1 4923.19 Garrison, Millie 5 894.18 Joshi, Sadhna 9 371.81 Joshi, Alok
2 3718.82 Brandt, Karen 6 883.32 Nelson, Susan 10 233.37 Kulsick, Kathy
3 1716.85 Devoe, Virginia 7 702.63 Caslavka, Paul 11 74.21 Weinstein, Art
4 1342.63 Braden, Mary Ann 8 429.09 Moon, Kitty    

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