Pairs most underrated in the Masterpoint system

Underrate(UR) is your Pair Rating less the Pair Rating equivalent of your Masterpoints. To find this equivalent, consult the Master Point to Power Rating conversion chart. Find each partner's Masterpoints in the left column. Masterpoints are converted into Power Ratings in the right column. The Power Ratings are averaged to get the Pair Rating. Since we are more familar with Masterpoints, the results are presented in terms of Masterpoints. (PR/MP's) is your Pair Rating converted to Masterpoints, a tricky situation. Each partner's Power Rating is used. If a partner is not rated, his/her Masterpoints are converted to a Power Rating. Then the Pair Rating is split in the same ratio as the Power Ratings. The resulting splits are doubled before they are converted to Masterpoints. If a partner has no Masterpoints the pair is neither underrated or overrated.

Most underrated pairs with at least 15 games togather
Rank UR PR/MP's MP's PairR Name Rank UR PR/MP's MP's PairR Name
1 6.41 5786 920 54.94 Christianson, Peggy - Maloco, Ginny 5 0.83 1274 1061 50.01 Merrill, Sandra - Sena, Flo
2 3.48 735 280 47.72 Smith, Janice - Smith, James 6 0.79 90 71 41.54 Myers, Brucinda - Piatek, Bonnie Jean
3 2.72 1850 872 51.03 Christianson, Peggy - Gryte, Stephen 7 0.51 133 100 42.38 Smith, Linda - Du rard, lea
4 1.59 1039 724 49.11 Merrill, Sandra - Shanahan, Catherine       

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