All of my Letters to the Editor


††††††††† The following letter to the editor was received by the ACBL on May 2, 2019, but never printed in the Bridge Bulletin.


Stop criticizing Masterpoints


††††††††† Masterpoints is an awards system.Masterpoints is used for Life Master achievements, the Barry Crain 500, Ace of Clubs, and other Masterpoint races.I do not want to get rid of Masterpoints, but ACBL members criticize Masterpoints when it is used to bracket, stratify, or flight ACBL events. I advocate we have both an awards system, and a ratings system.  One system cannot do both jobs well.


††††††††† If Masterpoints were not used to bracket, stratify, and flight, it would be restored to its formal glory before the creation of these events.


Chris Champion

Colorado Springs, Colorado


††††††††† Many years ago, I asked the ACBL to look at Power Ratings.They said they had evaluated other rating systems and found that they all had problems, so they do not need to look at Power Ratings.They know that as a rating system, Masterpoints has problems, but they decided to stick with what they know.


††††††††† Their reason for not evaluating Power Ratings is not logical.


††††††††† Power Ratings is not perfect, but it substantially beats Masterpoints as a rating system every month.†† Testing Power RatingsPower Ratings has done this for every month of itís approximately 10 years of existence.


††††††††† You will notice, the ACBL has never challenged this claim. They have known about Power Ratings since the 2008 Las Vegas Nationals when they started sending me all tournament results.


††††††††† Thatís why I will not give up as long as I can breathe.