Everybody has a rating calculated the same way as a Power Rating.  To be a Power Rating, a player needs 11 match point pair games with rated players other than their favorite rated partner during the past 24 months.  This makes the rating accurate.


What is a Power Rating or Rating?


        Your average game % when you are your own partner (or your partner has your exact skill level) and you play against average opposition (the other N/S pairs when you are N/S)


        Any personal summary will illustrate this:


A summary


        Difference between your opposition and the Average opposition:


DOD.   the average PR of your opposition less 50.


        Pair Rating:


Game % + DOD


        Power Rating or Rating:


Self doubled.  Your share of the Pair Rating times 2.  Pair rating is split between you and your partner using the same ratio as your overall PR to your partner’s overall PR